Whilst some doors have closed, lots of new opportunities are coming in 2022.

Monthly reduction in diaries shutting down due to business closures.

Monthly increase of new businesses adopting Table Management software.

Were the most adopted technologies in 2021.

Takeaway has continued to grow by 163% in 2021.

Booking data needs to be at the core of operations

of total bookings were made through online channels. Restaurants websites and booking platforms like Dish Cult taking the majority of bookings.


of New Zealand venues have unlocked the power of integrating their POS with their booking and table management software.


of New Zealand operations have connected Reserve with Google with their booking and table management software


of those surveyed* stated that insufficient marketing is their primary business challenge next to understaffing.

Understanding your diners is paramount

New Zealanders like to take their time when eating out, with the


New Zealanders make a reservation

6.8 days

out from their desired booking date



Modern New Zealand, European,
and Seafood

are what Kiwis are craving for the most
heading into 2022.



Dish Cult, powered by ResDiary’s
top 2 articles in 2021 are

How to Make an Espresso Martini
without an Espresso Machine

Auckland’s Ultimate Guide
to Level 3 Takeaways


Diners are now looking at
desserts and small platters
the most.

Source: ResDiary data from April 2021 to November 2021; ResDiary market research, conducted October 2021 by Dynata and Green Hat