Pre-Order app for restaurants.

ResDiary’s Pre-Orders service is designed to give diners have the option to visit the venue and enjoy the experience – without needing to wait to order or pay. 


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Contactless ordering and Payment 

Track and compile diners orders ahead of their visit, print place cards with their details, and add deposits or take full payment in advance. 


What our customers say

“ResDiary’s Pre-Order app makes pre-ordering so simple for customers. As it is fully integrated with the booking process, all staff can now take large party bookings without me worrying about mistakes and reminder emails are only a button press away, saving us lots of time.”.

Emma, Reception Manager, On the Waterfront.


Showcase your brand

Give your diners a complete online experience of your venue during their order. Send automatic, personalised emails with links to menus and order confirmations.

Add Pre-Orders to your ResDiary package with our Order and Pay module

for just $70 per month plus 1% of sales

*standard stripe fee applies


Get pre-orders now

Discover more order and pay features from ResDiary 

Including online food ordering, and contactless restaurant pre-orders.

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