Release 11.23: reports, widgets, and internal bookings


Winter is almost here (yes, we know New Zealand & Australia, not for you, stop rubbing it in) and we’re tidying up some stuff just in time for your Christmas rush.


Check out release 11.23, available from 08/10/2018:


We love a good figure. They get us all aflutter. (Numbers guys. We’re talking about numbers…) So we’ve overhauled some reports to help you get excited about figures too:

  • Improving the cancellation report, adding the provider (group) name and improving the look so it’s easier to understand.
  • Adding the ability to view booking comments to the Deposit Report.
  • Including total bookings for each channel and making the date range extend to six months for the Booking Source report.
  • Improving the Feedback Report to make it easier to see which venue in a group has received a review.
  • Making it easier to add all the restaurants in a group to the Walk-in Report.
  • Stopping the Booking Report from occasionally timing out.

Internal bookings

We’ve done some work on our internal booking process, making life that little bit easier:

  • Previously, if you used the “repeat booking” function, it would repeat the booking every week, regardless of how many weeks apart you’d set it to. We’ve fixed that so the poor Smiths don’t get tarred with the dreaded no-show brush when they don’t show up every single Sunday for the rest of time.
  • Your staff used to be unable to opt customers into both group and single venue marketing. We know some of your customers just love your business and want to hear allllll about what’s happening so we’ve updated it.
  • The Third Party Booking tab was previously only editable if no existing customer was selected in the booking process. We’ve changed that.


  • Before this release, if a booking failed at the payment stage, it would enter the diary then be automatically cancelled. This wasn’t reflecting what was actually happening (and messing up our beloved reports) so we fixed it.