Release 11.24: W8List, Pre-Orders, & the Running Order


You know when you spend a day blasting through life-admin that’s been sitting for a while? 11.24 is the release version of that day. We’ve made updates to W8List, promotion tokens, and Pre-Orders, making running your restaurant a bit easier.


It will be available in your diaries from 17/10/18

The internal diary

Booking codes in the Running Order 

Previously booking codes were listed in both the Table Number and Booking Code columns. This was confusing, adding extra lines to print-outs, and being generally inefficient. Being the good environmentalists we are (please consider the environment before printing these release notes guys!) we’ve changed them to only appear in the Booking Codes column. Simple.


Duplicate W8List bookings 

Ever opened your W8List and been faced with a plethora of Mr Smiths, all desperate for a table? Fear not, the Smith convention doesn’t have you down as a recommended supplier. Rather, users used to be able to make duplicate bookings in W8List by clicking the “confirm” button repeatedly. It won’t happen any more as we’ve updated it.


Promotion email tokens 

In our Pre-Order email templates, the {promotion} token wasn’t appearing. This meant it was telling guests they had no promotion, even if they did. We’ve sorted that.

Online promotion editing 

This one’s a little complicated so get your brain gymnastics hat (or leotard) on. If a customer makes a booking and goes to edit it online, they might choose a new promotion requiring a pre-order (eg: by changing the amount of pax). Previously, the diary wasn’t sending out the pre-order form. That wasn’t ideal so we’ve sorted it.