Release 11.26: Pre-Orders and portal updates


Christmas is coming and ResDiary releases are getting fat, we’ve got some exciting stuff coming from our development hat! Release 11.26 features updates to Pre-Orders and improvements to our newly launched portal. 


It will be available in your diaries from 07/11/18


We all know that Pre-Orders are never more useful than at Christmas, so we’ve done some updates before it all kicks off to help out a bit. Don’t say we don’t give you anything!

  • We’ve added the ability to force guests to enter names on the Pre-Order forms. This means you know exactly who has ordered what. Best of all, it’s totally configurable, so you can apply it just to specific menus if you wish.
  • You can now auto-send Pre-Order email reminders, according to when you want to send them. So, if you want all Pre-Orders in four days before a booking, you can put out an email to incomplete orders five days before, giving them a wee nudge.
  • When you’re collating your Pre-Orders, you can now bulk enter and remove items saving you a lot of clicking!

SEO improvements

We’ve made improvements to ensure, and therefore your restaurant, appears as high as possible on Google when people are searching for tasty grub. We have:

  • Added meta descriptions and thumbnail images for sharing on social media and to improve our blogs’ appearance on search engines. This should result in higher click-throughs and more bookings. Yay!
  • Changed how our URLs appear to make them easier for search engines to understand.

User experience updates 

We’ve made some changes so using is a bit easier by:

  • Adding a link through to the ResDiary restaurateur site so it’s always simple to navigate to the information that you might need. We’ve also re-ordered our login pages to make accessing the section you want much easier.
  • Making it clearer to diners how their restaurant preferences are sorted: e.g. Low-High price.
  • Creating a widget that can be embedded on our featured blog pages. This will let diners book directly from there, improving booking rates.