Release 14.0: Updates to ResDiary’s Settings Pages

You know the old saying “New year, new me”, well at ResDiary, we are all about change. and growth. So for our first release of 2021 we are delighted to introduce you to our new settings pages.  Over the last year we have been looking at analytics, and conducting user testing, to find the perfect layout for the settings page, and make sure you can easily find the features you need, when you need them. Read on to discover what’s new.

Available in your diaries from 13/01/2021. 

A new order and titles

The first thing you will notice when landing on the new settings page is that some of the sections have been renamed.

“Restaurant” is now “Venue”, “Diary” has been updated to “Diary configuration”, and “Security” is now called “ Security and User Permissions”.

User management settings have moved

These have been moved out of the old “Diary” section and into the brand new “ Security and User Permissions” section of the settings page.

If you are a manager, you will also see that we have added “Override mode” into this section,  and redesigned this interface. This has been done to make it easier, and faster, to allow users to override booking rules for current days or services.

Brand new microsite/ venue details interface

To make updates to your venue’s details, or change your microsite, on the new settings pages, simply go to the “Venue” section, then click “Venue and Microsite Details” to access the new interface.

All the information is now available on one screen (not hidden under different tabs like before). You can even use the handy menu on the left hand side to scroll to the section you wish to update.

Improved Menu upload settings

Now when uploading a menu to your microsite you can specify  the period you want it to show. You can show your menu all of the time, not at all, or on a specific set of dates.

For example, a seasonal menu like Christmas, can display for all of the festive trading period, and then automatically go offline again.  This can be found in the  “Venue and Microsite Details” interface.

Booking and Interface settings have moved

Previously these important settings were hard to find, so we have made them much more accessible. Now when you want to switch your online settings on or off, look under the “ Diary Configuration” section of the new settings page you will see “Online Settings”, simply click this, to quickly access the booking and interface settings.

Portal and widget tracking has moved

Tracking where your reservations are coming from is crucial. These settings were originally housed in the venue details section, However, our analytics showed that most of you were getting lost trying to find it, so it has moved into the “Reservations section”, and is labled clearly as “Widget and Portal Tracking”.

A new place for Pre-orders settings

For those of you using Pre-orders by ResDiary, you will notice that a new Pre-orders section has appeared on the settings page. In this section you will now find the pre order preferences settings. From here you can create menu items, add modifiers, and build your pre-order menus.