ResDiary Plus version 5.0


Like Bonnie Tyler, we love a good turn around. That’s why we’ve been doing some updating to the ResDiary Plus iPad app, making it easier to turn  and edit tables, speeding up Grid View loading, and giving you the ability to print chits, straight from the app.

This all lets you run your venue smoothly, and turn those tables quickly. Read on to find out more. Bright eyes.

Version 5.0 will be available in the Apple store from 16/03/19

Turn time fix

There was previously an issue where turn times weren’t being calculated properly if you reduced the time duration of a reservation. That was nothing but a heartache (and a headache) so we’ve fixed it.

Simplified table editing

You can now edit the cover size of a reservation in the booking card, without having to go through the booking process. Snappy.

Grid view loads faster 

Up to 30% faster. You’re welcome.

Introduction of chit printing 

Now, you can print chits, directly from the ResDiary app on certain printers. What’s more, you can even edit what’s shown on them. Total eclipse of wasted paper.

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