Restaurant gift vouchers for the festive season

Every January there’s a glut of restaurant offers available. As people look to save a bit of cash after the expensive festive season, restaurants begin to look for ways to fill their empty tables. 50%-off offers, 2-4-1 deals, and group discounts are rife. However, they can make things difficult for restaurateurs, with staff costs and business expenses staying the same as the top line shrinks. Is there a better way?

Yes. Sell restaurant gift vouchers in the lead up to Christmas.

Restaurant vouchers are a great way to pull in the crowds in during quiet seasons. People might not be willing to spend their own money in down-times but they will be happy to treat themselves if they get a voucher as a gift.

restaurant gift vouchers

Reach out

Impactful marketing during your busy seasons can have a huge effect on your January business. If you market your restaurant gift vouchers as great Christmas presents, then people will buy them for friends and family as an experiential gift. One way to ensure they do this is to sell them on your website and promote them on social media, making them reach the biggest possible audience.

restaurant gift vouchers

How thoughtful

Another way to push restaurant gift vouchers as a great present is to sell gift experiences, alongside monetary amounts. People are more likely to see a tasting menu, afternoon tea, or a wine evening as a thoughtful gift than a $100 voucher; it’s all about the psychology. Of course, monetary vouchers are always welcome too so it’s a good idea to offer a selection.

restaurant gift vouchers

An attractive prospect

One way to make your restaurant gift vouchers stand out is to make them look gorgeous. Starting the customer journey with a well-thought-out web-page, providing with a lovely confirmation email, and sending well-designed physical vouchers are sure-fire ways to impress. With a great voucher-buying experience, guests are more likely to return and buy your voucher again for other gifts.

restaurant gift vouchers

A great impression

There’s nothing worse than turning up for dinner and being met with a blank face when you say you have a restaurant voucher. Ensure that all your staff are trained in the voucher system, and if only certain people can access it, the rest of the team know the protocol when presented with a voucher. With ResDiary, you can give different usernames and separate access levels to individual staff members.

You may already have a restaurant voucher system, or you may be on the lookout for one. Either way it’s worth your while taking a look at ResDiary vouchers. We have a range of voucher options to help your business and a variety of ways you can integrate them with your system.

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