Create a bespoke customer journey

Your online presence is important. Make sure it shows you at your best. ResDiary’s custom widgets and emails can be tailored to your branding to ensure your customers receive a seamless reservation experience.


Sell out seats

Make Tuesday the new Saturday with some clever pricing. Encourage bookings during quieter times with value offerings; enable higher premiums at peak points; and even create special events to encourage extra footfall. ResDiary’s variable pricing feature gives you more flexibility than an olympic gymnast!


Safeguard revenues

You need the tools to protect your hard earned revenues. Whether you want to take payment at the time of booking to cover food costs, or you want to sell tickets for a special event, ResDiary can help.


Optimise your revenue

Never under or oversell a table again thanks to our yield management tools.  Manage the number of bookings made at any time ensuring optimum covers are booked and never compromise the quality of your service again.


Get ahead of the game

Give the kitchen a head start and free up time for front of house staff with our pre-order service, allowing you to cater to the needs of large parties and FAST!  Pair exclusive menus with promotions and easily project expected revenue, all helping to increase the efficiency of your restaurant.


More money in YOUR pocket

Benefit from direct commission free bookings across the full range of ResDiary packages.


Here is some additional functionality we offer in our ResDiary Pro & Express Packages.

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