News from the teams

Training & Support

We have changed the name of the Hospitality Consultant dept to the Training & Support Department to better describe what our department is responsible for.

Total Ticket count of 1400  for May with an average response time of 1 hour and 50% were resolved on one reply. Well done team!

We’ve also started tracking calls through tickets and looking forward to reporting this in future.


Well done to Scott Copeland for his calm and collected handling of a particularly tricky release, he showed wisdom beyond his years.

Shout out to Craig, Evgenia and Neil for their tireless hard work on RwG and overcoming some serious technical roadblocks.

Hats off to the whole mobile team including Christos, Stefano and Nik for getting onboard with the new unified team idea and taking it in their stride.

Well done to the Evolution team for proactively identifying and dealing with a load of problem SQL queries.

Thank you to Alex “here to help” Cleary for doing a brilliant job with minimal guidance.


Congratulations to Top Seller of the quarter Larry! Congrats also to the London Team, who have had a great month – thanks for your hard work.

We welcome Paul Garner to the Sales team, he’ll be in the Glasgow office for 2 weeks from Monday 3rd June so pop by and say hi.

Congratulations to Illario on his part move to sales. From June, Illario will take on the new role of: Italy Sales and Customer Service Consultant.


To help everyone have a clearer idea of what we are working on and what’s coming up next, the Product Team have produced a portal where they will put updates on things that are next up for release, in progress, or things that are planned. The link is pinned on the General channel. Any questions, ask Elaine, Ewan or Christos.

Best of luck from all of us to Stefano on the final hurdle of his finishing his degree.


Congratulations to Adele on completion of her CIPD level 5 exams, and good luck waiting for your dissertation results!

We are also starting the PDLP process so have a think about what you want to learn in preparation for your discussion with your line manager in the next month or so.