News from the teams


January has been a packed month for the marketing team:

  • 400 stress ball packages / 100 massage kits sent out to prospects for our Jan switch campaign.
  • 1 live guide webinar -Events
  • 3 E-Books
  • 2 promo films
  • 4 support films
  • 3 pop ups
  • 15k comms emails sent to customers re: Price increase and monthly Running order
  • And one big exit…goodbye Claire Murray, we love you and wish you all the best.

Thanks to all in the marketing team, and staff across departments we have worked with in Jan, for their efforts in helping us get everything done that needed to be completed in Jan.


Our new reports and dashboard are now out of beta and the plan to get rid of some legacy reports is in motion. The RDL team are making great progress; login, search and booking list are all taking shape. A special mention for Scott Copeland who has been overseeing a ResDiary sponsored project at Glasgow Uni. He’s had to deal with two seperate groups of demanding students and has done it well


Ilario moved to ‘London’ (can someone show him where Hertfordshire is on the map please). John Rooney reached 30 sales in the month – only took him 4 years. Our newbies Adrien, Claudia, Andrea and Bobby all got their first sales. After a VERY slow start we managed to smash target and hit our 2nd highest PB to date (69 sales this week so far!). Ross, the reseller of Bizzon, managed to sell 5 RD’s…


Now that we’ve finished working on designs for Events, Reports and the Dashboard the Product team has been focused on delivering designs for Settings, RDL and the Diary. We’re doing more internal user testing, so would appreciate it if you have time if you can help us review and test some prototypes when we ask.


Have a look back at your PDLP from last year, the link to it will be in your cascade documents tab – and have a chat with your line manager about what direction you want to focus on this year. It’s a really important document for your personal and career development at ResDiary, and can help you to focus on how you want to progress in your role, or to the next role!

Customer Success

Lynsey will be leaving as of next week – all the team wish her all the very best. Laura Barnes has started her process of coming back to resume her role in the Customer Success team after her maternity leave and will be back from April – welcome back!
Webinars with Mali happened this week and it was a great success with 5 venues signing up off the back of our webinar – good work guys!