News from the teams


A special mention to Zopaash for a brilliant running order that got record numbers of ebook downloads and almost 150 customers signing up to our Christmas webinar.


A revised social media strategy carried out by Madeline is being well-received across all platforms and has resulted in a 20% increase in Twitter engagement.

Training & Support

Congratulations to Tom Fleming for settling into the workload with record speed, and to Scott for his work upselling onsites this month – and a huge thank you to the whole team for keeping up with the constant and ever growing workload from sales.

We’re sad to say goodbye the Chelsea and Saima this month, and wish them both all the best.


The booking reports beta is released. The report looks fantastic and is performing very well, so well done to Atlas and the product team.

Excellent job by Stroma for getting the stripe SCA updates tested and released. The testing process was arduous so thanks for that effort.

Thanks to MegaForce for being so responsive to Gourmet Plus and working so well with them.

Congratulations to Curo on their first production release.

Welcome to both Elliot and Benas who have joined Evolution and Curo respectively


A huge congratulations in order to our sales team for a company wide personal best month! Total for August so far is over 200, which you’ll agree is an amazing achievement. 


The Product team is really pleased to see the booking report released this month. Thanks to Atlas and Ewan for their hard work on it, and thanks to everyone who’s spoken to our customers about it. 

It’s been great seeing positive feedback for our work. The insights we’ve received from everyone has fed into the project throughout; out of the 346 reports feature requests we’ve received we are solving 20% of them with this phase of work which is a great start. 

We are still developing our processes to have a better focus on analytics as well as our customers needs, so are hoping this success continues through each theme we’re working on.


Updated handbook will be live on Confluence from 1st Sept, you’ll receive a prompt via Cascade with more info and the link. We’ve tried to make the new handbook easy to navigate, and to be a useful and informative tool covering every aspect of your employment.

Thank you to everyone for their hard work in getting our personal learning plans up and running for the first year. We’re really focused on enabling you to develop your skills and your career with us at ResDiary and the plans will form part of that development. 

We are going to be booking some mental health awareness and wellbeing training with SAMH later this year. If you’re interested in taking part, please contact Jennifer so we can assess interest. Everyone should now have access to Accor Bridge accounts – please do make good use of this resource, there are a lot of interesting courses available to you. Ask your line manager for recommendations – and share links to any courses you recommend via slack too. 


It’s a busy time in Finance with the usual month end but also the forecast for the rest of the year and the first cut of the budget for next year. We’re settled in our new home on the 3rd floor and are looking to recruit a new team member shortly. In the meantime everybody’s doing a great job of making sure everyone gets paid and that our customers get their bills and pay us promptly.

In particular, special thanks to Sophie who is doing a great job of continuing to train Helen and making sure the invoices go out while keeping on top of her usual work – thanks Sophie!”

Ryan Hollis

NZ Team

NZ team would like to welcome new recruit Ben Desai who will be joining them next month. 

NZ have had a steady increase in accounts for the last 3 months, so a congrats due to the sales team, and a big shout out to Aga and Charlotte for their onboarding efforts.

Customer Success Glasgow

Customer Success

Big thank-you to Julia, Mali & Andy for a heroic effort in onboarding 68 Carluccios accounts. Big thank yous from me is to the whole CS team who have been helping cover each other while they are off and covering support also.

And the CS having our best result of the year in terms of churn last month

Andy also wants to give a shout out to Ross Beattie for his assistance with table plans, it was very much appreciated.