Email marketing

Of course you can create stunning email campaigns, but the real magic comes when choosing who to receive the email; whether it be based on number of enquiries, reservations or other behavioural attribute (such as VIP), then view detailed statistics including how many enquiries have been generated as a result.

Central customer database

Get a single view on each of your customers through Nudge’s centralised customer database. Track customer reservation history, email activity, offer conversion and more, then leverage the data to hone marketing strategies and operational delivery.

Loyalty rewards

Encourage customers to revisit more regularly, spend more and invite their friends. Nudge allows operators to deliver personalised rewards to customers based upon their activity and booking history. Delivered via email or App, offers are variable by venue, time, capacity and reservation size whilst customers need no ID or card to redeem their offer as it’s all tracked within Nudge. Operators have access to reports allowing them to visualise the ROI for each reward and the scheme’s overall contribution to revenue growth

Facebook integration

Nudge seamlessly integrates with Facebook, allowing fans to make bookings and sign-up to a venue mailing list and to ‘share’ the news of their interactions with their friends. Nudge tracks Facebook as the customer source, and allows staff to create and send targeted emails and offers to fans.


Nudge boasts a range of out-of-the-box flexible reports covering nearly every eventuality that a client may require. However, if more are needed then new reports can quickly be added, plus to make life easier for key staff, reports can be emailed automatically, meaning the CEO doesn’t have to chase you to find out the latest stats any more!

Ratings, reviews and Trip Advisor

You can’t be everywhere all of the time, so getting to know what your customers really think is invaluable. After a reservation your customers are asked to provide feedback and rate their experience. If you like these can be shared with Trip Advisor.


For detailed customer feedback nothing beats a survey. Nudge allows operators to deploy customised surveys and to gather the data within Nudge for review. Cleverly, the surveys module integrates the email targeting method to allow campaigns to be sent to specific customers based upon their responses.

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