We understand that running a business comes down to getting a balance between quality and price, which often hurts your brand. Fortunately, working with us means you don’t have to compromise on either.

License fee options

What’s included

Cost per month


  • Emails sent from your domain (includes 10,000 emails per month plus 3,000 for every additional venue)
  • Full access to Nudge reports
  • Email marketing, including a set of responsive templates
  • Customer database tools

£99 per venue per month & £99 set up fee per venue.

Optional items



Table management

Use Nudge’s smart table management to optimise your covers.

£25 pcm.

Custom campaign template

A custom campaign template to fit your brand identity. Has the flexibility to add and remove some template elements.

Call for a quote.

3rd party data integration

We provide support with Nudge API implementation and bespoke integrations.

£90 per hour


We provide consultation and support for customisation such as bespoke reports or other extensions.

£90 per hour