October product updates

Read on to discover new features and user interface imporvements that have been made to the diary.

Available in your diaries from 07:00hrs GMT on 11/10/2021. 

The Standby list is here

It’s a great feeling to be busy and in demand. However not always having the available dates and times can mean missing out on even more bookings. To solve this problem we have created the standby list.

• When your restaurant is completely booked for a particular date/time the diner will be able to add themselves to the standby list, via the booking widget. 

• In addition to simply being added to the standby list, the diner will also receive an automated email confirming their list status, and reminding them that if their chosen date/ time becomes available  they will need to take further steps in order to confirm their reservation.

• The standby capacity for every time slot will be 50% of the number of covers you have allocated as per your yield management settings. ( please note it is the main setting that is taken into account, not any of the variables you might set.)


• If the standy by list is enabled on your booking widget, it will automatically update anytime a diner adds themself to it. Restaurant’s can view the stand by diners in a list, we have broken this down into 10 diners per page. 

• When a date/time does become available Restaurants will have to click on the notify button on the standby list modal to notify the diner of the availability. Upon receiving this availability email, the diner will secure their spot by making a confirmed reservation. 

• Restaurants can enable the online addition to standby lists on their widget by visiting: Settings>Online Settings-Allow Customers to Add Themselves to Standby List


Pre-Order report

Pre order report with in service filter

We have made a number of improvements to the Pre Order report. These have been designed to make it more intuitive, and easier to use in service, as we come into the busy festive period.

• Now you can view the guest’s information and their dietary preferences so that the kitchen staff can understand the guest’s needs better and deliver even better service..
• Pre-order reports now have the same filters as the booking reports. Every row in the pre-order report can be expanded to view additional details. We have also added in a new filter which allows you to view pre-orders by service.
• Tool tips and highlight colours have been added throughout the report, to help guide users through the process of accessing their pre-order data.

Dish Cult booking channels

Dish Cult channels in Diary

The Dish Cult booking website, iOS and Android apps have been created as booking channels in your diary. So now you will be able to see the number of bookings each is delivering to your business.