The ResDiary widgets:

For online reservations, building your database, and event enquiries


Your brand is important. Why spend months getting your look and website correct, to have someone else’s branding visible when your customers are making a booking? ResDiary’s booking widgets are easily created and customised by you, making them the perfect accompaniment to a great site. Our widgets are a great way to increase online business with a simple booking process, feeding directly into your smart table management system. 

What’s more, they can be changed whenever you like, just update it in your diary to reflect any branding changes.

All widgets are available, free of charge, with  our ResDiary Pro, ResDiary Express, and ResDiary Ultimate packages.

The ResDiary widget configurator


The ResDiary widget configurator  provides a totally flexible restaurant booking widget that displays live availability and can be integrated onto a venue’s website in a seamless manner. You can customise every aspect of your widget and it  can be integrated with almost any CMS including; Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, and more.



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The events widget


Customer journey is important to you, especially when it involves planning a special event.  We’ve released a customisable widget that can be embedded on your own site. Design it however you like, adding creative colours, your own logo, and resizing to your preferences. All enquiries come directly into your diary, meaning you can say goodbye to separate reservation and enquiry systems. It allows your whole team to view existing reservations and enquiries, from one place.


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The marketing opt-in widget


In this post-GDPR world, finding ways to grow your email database is key. Which is why we’ve launched a super-shiny, all-singing & dancing marketing widget. Like your other widgets, it can be customised to your preferences, meaning you can embed it nicely into your site. It takes your customer details in a GDPR-compliant manner and feeds them directly into your ResDiary marketing suite.

Then, you can use these details to send emails or SMS to your lovely customers.


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Plus one off charge of £59 + VAT for setup & online training to your package price