Open Letter to Bookatable from ResDiary

Hi Bookatable team,

I hope you are well?

My offer of a coffee still stands next time you are in town…..

I have been passed the following email from one of our customers. I assume it is standard form and I’d like to take this opportunity to comment and challenge where appropriate.

Good morning,

I wanted to provide you with information in regards to Bookatable and potentially arrange for a discussion to see if increasing your online profile and helping to attract new diners to you venues is of interest.

As you know Resdiary currently provide you with an online reservation system to manage your bookings and a booking calendar which allows customers to make a booking via your own website. What they cannot do is help to increase the online exposure of your venues, drive increase web traffic to your sites and ultimately deliver you new business.


ResDiary has recently launched its own consumer facing portal and partner with Avios, Hardens, TimeOut and many more for special promotions in this territory. We do provide internal private channels for unique offers – all controlled in real time from the ResDiary back office.

Traffic to ResDiary continues to grow every day and we are seeing more and more bookings coming through our consumer pages on

Unlike others, (we’re looking at you Bookatable and OpenTable) ResDiary does not charge commission fees for bookings from our portal or via a widget on the clients website or their Facebook page,

We pass all customer data straight to the restaurant and enter it straight into the restaurant’s own database – we do not market to such customers by email.

You have also said we provide a “booking calendar” – that is perhaps what Bookatable provides. However, ResDiary provides a comprehensive table/yield management and combined wait list solution which is far superior to that provided by Bookatable.

Put simply, Bookatable helps restaurants to electronically manage their bookings, restaurant floor and marketing requirements in one convenient place, while allowing diners to book your restaurant at any time, using any device via your own website and social media sites, as well as helping to drive new customer to restaurants via our extensive list of partner’s network sites.

Well Bookatable, so does everybody else in this sector …..some better than others!

Restaurants working with Bookatable also benefit from the following:

– Online booking widget – That converts 30% more diners than any other booking form and is customisable.

Please advise where you get these statistics from and what outside agency has audited these claims?

We are happy to do comparative Bookatable/ResDiary like for like testing under controlled settings at your convenience.

Your customisation offer is poor to say the least. ResDiary provides customised widgets/book buttons as standard.

If you look at ResDiary v Bookatable, ResDiary also provides free customised / branded email confirmations for operators – unlike Bookatable, where all confirmations are branded as being from Bookatable.

Bookatable competitors

– Marketing functionality – create offers and experiences that go live and are bookable online instantly, at no extra charge.

I understand Bookatable fees can be up up to £7 per cover for certain deals – is this not correct?

ResDiary is based on a simple flat fee with no long term contract and no transaction charges, unlike Bookatable or OpenTable, in fact.

– Database collection – capture all guest data and use for marketing, we have a 83% opt in rate, the highest in the market.

Again, what outside agency has audited these claims?

We think we are running at 95% opt-in for online bookings but we are not boasting about it…

– Email Marketing functionality to encourage repeat business.

Yes….so does everybody else in this sector.

– Access to our 60,000 strong Glasgow Booktable database, including exclusive email shots for your venues to encourage new bookings at the times you want help filling your restaurant.

Importantly, this means that where you have opted in customers from client restaurants (in Glasgow and elsewhere) to the Bookatable database then you will offer new restaurants access to the this “global” database. These ‘exclusive email shots’ will be offered to Bookatable customer restaurant’s competitors, allowing new competitors to market to Bookatable existing restaurants’ hard won and loyal customer database.

ResDiary protects each individual restaurant’s database and never markets a competitor restaurant to or cross sells to customers of any of our restaurants.

If possible it would be great to meet with you to have a chat about your venues, business plans and whether Bookatable can provide an alternative solution to assist you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

XXX | Regional Sales Team Leader Bookatable

Anyway, I won’t keep you for much longer, just wanted to clear a few things up.

Do let me know if you fancy that coffee……

Kind Regards,

Mike Conyers.

CEO, ResDiary

Mike Conyers
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