OpenTable are coming to Chop Up your profits

By Gary | Published on January 19th, 2017

Yesterday, OpenTable began to send our customers in Dublin ominous blood red packages, containing a knife and a chopping board…Fear not though, they’re not about to be the victim of an imminent stabbing, this was OpenTable’s super friendly way of introducing themselves to the Irish market.

Jokes aside, why should businesses be on their guard in their dealing with OpenTable, not just in Dublin, but across the world?

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Build a great foundation

“Get discovered with a custom profile page on OpenTable, i.e. – including menus, photos, reviews and maps.”

Chances are you will get discovered. But most likely because OpenTable are running Pay Per Click advertising on your own brand name on Google. This means anyone specifically looking for your restaurant on Google will see your OpenTable mini-site first. You know, the one you pay commissions on. OpenTable have paid a few pence for this spot, so that they can charge you a few Euros. Smart. This will steal traffic from your own site and give you a big bill at the end of the month.

In contrast, ResDiary will generate a free, mobile-optimised, restaurant listing on and our diner discovery app, ResDiary Now. From these listings you will benefit from greater online exposure and bookings at NO EXTRA COST. They contain photos, maps, menus, search engine optimized text, cuisine tags, and verified customer reviews.

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Cut Through the Noise…

“Promote your restaurant through online marketing.”

These days marketing is a tough old game. With so many channels, emails, and adverts popping up, it’s easy to get lost in the hubbub. OpenTable does offer a range of marketing tools, however these only serve to boost the profile of your listing on Opentable; from paid search advertising, to deals you can create and pay to send via the OpenTable consumer database.

ResDiary puts the power back in your hands. We offer simple, effective SMS marketing campaigns and booking notifications and free, inbuilt email marketing tools. Both allow you to promote your own special offers direct to your own customer database, and any customer data collected from bookings belongs to the restaurateur. This helps you grow your marketing presence. We also offer a range of SEO, paid search advertising, and web services to help support your own website.

Sharpen your operations

‘World Leading table management and guest insight tools’

ResDiary offers more than just table management and customer insight. From the ability to add customer comments and award VIP status, our system enables you to create a unique guest experience every time a customer makes a booking. Our market leading yield management tools will ensure your restaurant availability is maximised to allow you to generate the optimum revenue from every sitting. ResDiary even allows you to vary the price for the same menu for different times on different days and can take full secure payment in advance – or just PCI secure credit card details to guarantee online bookings (tokenization is free).

Promotion prices can be changed in an instant by the operator from the ResDiary back office.

As a top restaurateur in Dublin you will receive three months free subscription to OpenTable, but there is a hidden cost. In those three months OpenTable will be benefiting from all your customer’s data, and growing their own database at your expense.

So, to avoid costly commission bills, build your own customer database, and benefit from market leading yield management tools – give us a call today, before OpenTable chops up your profits.

Ready to chop and change?