OpenTable Connect: It's a crazy idea.....

By | Published on February 5th, 2018

We’re the first to admit that we’ve done some crazy things in life. (The blonde home-dye circa 2003 being a prime example) However, we’ve never heard anything as bonkers as the latest “hospitality advice” regarding OpenTable Connect from the company’s reps to departing customers.

Operators are being told, sure, move to ResDiary for a commission-free system. But stay listed on OpenTable Connect too.

opentable connect

This was the madness suggested in an email from an Open Table rep that we got a quick peek at. The insinuation, yet again, was that by moving away from OpenTable, the venue will lose business. Subtle as ever, OpenTable implied that they are the reason for a business’ success and not their cracking food and service.

They continually argue that if a customer has to stop using their full system, the only option is to also use OpenTable Connect. It allows them to stay on the OpenTable “network” and “gain incremental bookings” from online reservations. It also means that they can do Pay Per Click on the restaurant’s name to divert their website traffic, while OpenTable’s network is still the link on their Google Knowledge Graph business listing. (Learn more about these sneaky traffic diverting tactics here.)

Oh hey, £2 a cover!

In a time where rents are rising and operator’s costs are going through the roof, one company is telling them to spend more money. We think it’s a crazy suggestion, especially from people who are supposedly “industry experts”. In fact it’s so mad, that these are the only things we can think of that are crazier:

* Drunk double-texting your ex.
* Turkeys voting for Christmas.
* Tequila at the office party.
* Not taking an umbrella to Scotland.
* Dragging someone off a plane, on camera. (yeah, we went there….)
* Perms.

Operators, don’t be threatened by OpenTable’s “network” into taking actions that will harm your business. Vote with your mouse, sign up to ResDiary and take control of your own marketing plan. Gain customers by choosing your own third party partners and utilising your inbuilt marketing suite. Even better, match ResDiary up with Nudge CRM for supercharged marketing. Use the best operating system for maximising your business, with no commission.

And if you do decide to stay listed – don’t say we didn’t warn you about the OpenTable Connect pricing strategy….



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