Is your venue compliant with new data protection regulations?

On the 25th May 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will come into play. This new regulation changes how businesses handle customer data, what data they can keep, and how long they keep it for.

I don't think this applies to me, I use a paper diary

As a business, you’re still handling customers’ information and you have to be careful how you store it.

According to the UK regulator, the GDPR covers all records that are held in a “structured way”, and not just information that’s stored digitally.

This means that the big book you store your reservations in probably needs to be GDPR compliant too.

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How can I become compliant?

You need to ensure that any data you store in a structured manner is being held in a secure way.

At ResDiary, we have been working for the last year, ensuring that all data held on our system is GDPR compliant. We’ve updated our system and also created lots of resources for our customers in our GDPR hub.

By signing up to ResDiary by the May 25th deadline, you’re ensuring your customer data is secure and making the first step to GDPR compliance. Monthly packages start at just £49.

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What other benefits do I get?

Using an electronic system like ResDiary has a  huge host of benefits, outside being data compliant:

  • Spend less of your precious time on the phone dealing with customer bookings. Bookings are taken 24 hours a day and automatically confirmed via email or SMS.
  • Manage your tables efficiently and increase your covers with clever table management.
  • Curb no-shows using our payment and card storage technology.
  • Get greater control with till and hotel management system integrations.
  • Encourage repeat bookings and promote special offers using our inbuilt (GDPR compliant obviously) marketing suite.
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What should I do next?

Find out more about the GDPR, and how ResDiary can help you prepare, by checking out our resources or talking to our team.

If you sign up to ResDiary before the end of May 2018, we’ll waive your training and set-up fees, saving you £59.

Just use the code #GDPRmademedoit in the Promotion Code box when signing up.