By Zopaash | Published on October 17th, 2017

Part Two - Pay Per Click Advertising - How to better spend your budget

As you can see, setting up a PPC campaign is fairly straightforward. The real stumbling block is your budget and how you manage your money. Most of us don’t have a secret life where we earn swag bags of money so generally you need to make your budget go as far as possible.
It all boils down to your target audience.  To help you with that, here are the most common things that a restaurant should look out for when setting up a PPC campaign.

ppc budget

Target the right keywords

There are two types of keywords that you can use to drive traffic. (ps: when we talk about traffic, we mean people to your site. Not what the Batmobile has to skirt around in Gotham.) One is “brand terms” which is your restaurant name or variations on this. The other is “general terms” which include things like “italian restaurants in Soho, London,” “mexican restaurants in Glasgow.”

ppc budget

Brand Terms


  • Control over the ad text and the ability to direct customers to a specific page.
  • Add promotions or special deals to these pages to encourage certain types of booking.
  • Usually quite cheap for you to do.
  • Discourages deal or third party sites from bidding on your keywords.
  • Helps you to appear at the top of searches, if this isn’t happening naturally. (Check out our SEO chapter to see how to do this.)


  • It’s not upping your brand awareness: customers are already typing in your name.
  • Cost: it’s an added expense without really driving traffic.

General terms.


  • Raising awareness of your venue.
  • Raising your profile: if you appear under “best restaurants in Leeds” customers will assume you are in fact, just that.
  • Driving traffic: helps with sending tourists or visitors to the area who don’t know your venue.


  • Expensive: these adverts usually cost a lot more than brand terms.
  • Competition: general ads often end up with many companies bidding on them, meaning you can come 2nd/3rd/4th on the list. (If you appear at all.)
  • General terms tend not to convert very well. This is because people are often at the research stage of making a booking when looking up these keywords and might be looking at many different options.

Ad message

Make sure that you’re using a tailored message with an offer or a deal on your ads. Don’t just use a generic message if you’re looking to get conversions (reservations) through your site. If a message gets you good conversions through other marketing channels (eg: social media or emails) it will most likely look appealing to potential guests on search too.

ppc budget

Location targeting

It may be tempting to start winging it,  spreading your ad across the globe, or even just your country of residence. After all, you want to attract tourists and visitors to  the area, right?

Well yes, but it’s all about conversions. If you’re in an area that rarely gets tourists or is off the beaten track, then you might want to narrow your PPC to people who are local and are actually likely to book. Similarly, if your venue has a very common name, narrowing down your search to the area near where you’re based, might stop people mistakenly clicking on an advert for the wrong place.
If you’re in a big touristy city like London, having your PPC show across the world might be worthwhile as it’s likely people searching for London restaurants will be visiting the area. Ultimately, it’s about going with what you think will work best, checking back after a few days and optimising your ads……more on that later.

How do I set this up?

  • Log in to your AdWords Account
  • Go to your campaign
  • Settings
  • All Settings tab
  • Location options
  • Search for the locations you want to appear in and add them in

Sitelinks are a great tool as they provide extra links at the bottom of your add. This means that your advert takes up extra space at the top of the page, but also means you can include extra calls to action.
Ensure you use Sitelinks under ‘Ad Extensions’. These add additional calls to action to your message.
You can set these to say whatever you want, but the most useful for a restaurant will be: Reserve Now or Special Offers/Deals.

How do I do this?
We recommend this tutorial by Google to set up your sitelinks.

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