By Zopaash | Published on October 19th, 2017

Part Three - Pay Per Click Advertising - How to better spend your budget

So you’ve set up your campaign, followed all the rules (get you!) but you’re paying a fortune for your ads……it’s time for some ppc optimisation.
You see, the harsh truth is that PPC is never really done. Google is constantly making Adwords better and ensuring that customers see ads for things that they really want. Consumer behaviour changes continually too and how people behave in July can be totally different from how they behave in December.

ppc optimisation

CPC – Cost per click/conversion costs
Applying pay per click advertising to some keywords is going to cost you a lot of money. If you are paying £20 to generate one booking, that’s probably not worth your while. In your Adwords account, you’re able to track how much each ad and keyword is costing you, per click and per conversion. Set yourself a budget and if these words or specific adverts are costing you too much, pause or delete them.

In adwords, you can search which keywords are doing well and which ones aren’t. Your adverts can be set up to appear as exact matches, phrase matches or broad matches for the keywords you specify. If you don’t have it set up as an exact match, irrelevant keywords can slip in. Words like “deals” being included can end up costing you a lot of money as people click on your ad and realise you don’t have a deal running. Going to “keywords – search terms” will show you what people are searching for when they end up on your ads and allows you to eliminate these words.

ppc optimisation

Advert text
You should always be checking your adverts and seeing which ones are doing well. Perhaps adverts that have a clear call to action eg: “book now” convert into reservations fantastically, where as ones that just describe your food-type don’t. It can be a good idea to add more call to actions to your ads to up your conversion.

ppc optimisation

Google Adwords lets you see where your bookings are coming from. Most of them coming from your county? Perhaps you might want to narrow the location your ads are shown in? The majority coming from overseas? Congratulations, you’re popular with the tourists, it might be worth targeting more locations and cutting out the ones with low clicks.

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