Release 11.12

This release is a bit of a mish mash of things that needed fixed, or we wanted to improve. We’re not releasing anything crazy like a thermometer integration that will sell your outside tables when it’s hot, but we’ve got some fixes and improvements that will make using ResDiary, and running your business, easier.
Besides, we’ve got something super exciting happening pretty soon…..(stay tuned.)

Release 11.12’s features will be available on your diary from 7am BST 19/06/2018.

Standby list improvements

Previously, if a table was converted to a booking from the standby list, the user wouldn’t be prompted to take card details or payment to secure the booking (if they were needed). Confusion was running amok so we did some techie stuff and now the prompt appears. More guaranteed bookings = more guaranteed money in your pocket.

Changes to global Stripe account

In some countries, Stripe isn’t available to all businesses. In these cases our customers use ResDiary’s global Stripe account to process payments. Sounds easy right? Well, on the widget V2, this account was occasionally telling the customer it was in “Test Mode” when it wasn’t. Not ideal. We’ve fixed that so everything appears as live.

Improvements to booking process

For all you fancy hotels that have rooms with long names, this one will make you happy. We’ve increased the number of characters in every booking’s Room No. field. It means you can easily record that Mrs Clinton is booked into The Presidential Suite……

Fix for reporting time-outs

Bookings Confirmed and User Activity reports were sometimes timing out, meaning users couldn’t access them. It’s a bit pointless having a report that doesn’t work, so we sorted it.

Improving group widget location searches

Previously, the Google function our group widget used for location searches wasn’t providing great results. It was throwing up random suggestions, like restaurants in Australia’s sun-drenched Aberdeen, while you were sitting in the middle of the grey, wet, Scottish Aberdeen. So we’ve updated the Google functionality we use to give better location results for the group widget. And no more sunshine envy.


Payment error update

In a small number of cases, if there was an error during processing, bookings weren’t being cancelled when they should have been. That wasn’t what we wanted, so we updated the functionality. Now, any payment errors will mean the booking is discarded and the customer made aware they need to start again.


Pre-order cancellation fix

Pre-orders used to have a bit of trouble with cancellations. Cancelled bookings that previously had pre-orders attached would still appear on the pre-order report. It also wasn’t always clear to the diner that their pre-order was no more. We’ve done a bit of work, ensuring that they don’t appear on the report, it’s clear to the diner that their booking has been cancelled, and diners now can’t make edits to a non-existent pre-order.