Release 11.13

We know that you’re all sick of the football references. But being a reservation system, we have limited opportunities to talk about the World Cup, and we have many puns we need to get out. So we’re including them in these release notes. Luckily, they also contain useful stuff like improvements to our reports, updates to some payment features, updates to SMS marketing, and a couple of bug fixes.

Release 11.13 will be launched to diaries from 7am BST, 25/06/2018

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Updates to Deposits Report
Our Deposits Report used to misalign if it had more than one payment made against a booking. We’re big fans of alignment, so we straightened it all up and it’s no longer going “offside”. (Sorry.)

Update to Feedback Report
Previously, if you wanted to search for a customer’s feedback based on the date they visited, the diary would give you it based on the date they booked. That didn’t really make sense so we updated it, and now the “visit date” column displays on the report.

Improvement to Bookings Incomplete Report
Here at ResDiary, we hate a missed header as much as any striker. Which is why we’ve improved our Bookings Incomplete Report to include the comments header when it’s exported to CSV. Goal!

Arrivals Summary update
We have a report that shows how many customers arrived within a specific date, compared to how many actually booked. It’s called the Arrivals Summary. It’s a great tool, but somehow it had started to show all arrivals as 0. So we’ve updated it to ensure it always shows the right number of arrivals.



Update to payments on the new booking process
The booking process was previously unable to handle Stripe values over 999,999. We know not many of you are processing those kind of sums, but with the way inflation is going, it’s good to be prepared.

Stripe Landing Page promotions improvement
Previously, when a customer was sent an email directing them to input their details in the Stripe Landing Page, the promotion they had booked wasn’t showing on the email. That was confusing some of our lovely guests so we’ve done some tweaks to make it show up every time.

The booking process

Reformatting “Add Card” window
We’ve improved the “Add Card” dialogue window so that it no longer covers up the booking summary.

Improvements to booking codes
Previously, if you changed the date of a booking, the booking codes would sometimes disappear. That doesn’t happen any more.

Improvements to drag and drop
Better at dropping things than Saudi Arabia’s keeper? Then you may have noticed that if you dragged and dropped a number of bookings really quickly, your bookings disappeared for a few seconds. That was slowing things down, so the tech guys did techie stuff and now that doesn’t happen.

Update to mobile booking editing
Sometimes you’re running around, a pal calls to change their booking time, and you can only do it on mobile. That used to be a bit of a laborious process. However, we’ve updated it so editing bookings on mobile is much more user-friendly.


Update to pre-orders menu section
In pre-orders, we’ve updated the menu feature so that all menu sections can be deleted. (That wasn’t the case before.)

Improvements to segments
You used to be able to create multiple duplicate segments by clicking on the save button multiple times. Quite honestly, this was confusing, so that doesn’t happen any more.

Shortening the unsubscribe link in SMS marketing
Previously, the unsubscribe link in SMS marketing messages wasn’t shortened, meaning it took up lots of characters. Now it is, so you can ramble away, and your customers can show you the red card with ease.

NB: If you’re reading this in the future, these notes were written during the height of 2018 World Cup fever. It’s our only excuse for the terrible jokes.