Release 11.14: GDPR is back!

Bet you thought GDPR was done, eh? You assumed you’d never get another notice about a Privacy Policy again, right? Wrong.
Although all the processes are in place for your diary to be compliant, we’re still doing tweaks and updates to make it all as user-friendly as possible. This release focuses on marketing preferences, updates to merging customers, and GDPR-related bits and bobs.

Release 11.14 will be available in your diaries from 7am BST, 09/07/2018.

Customer record merge update

Previously, when the Customer List report was used to merge customers, not all marketing opt-ins were being recorded properly. (It was opting some people out, when they should have been opted in.) So we’ve updated how the merging works and it’s now all dandy.

Data import improvements

Oh hey new customers! This will interest you. You’ll now be completely GDPR-compliant when importing your data to ResDiary, from your previous supplier. We’ve added new information fields to make sure you’re covered. These include group & single venue opt-in date and time, the opt-in text used, and the IP address, among other things. 


More data for booking histories

Previously, the customer booking history was not showing whether the customer had opted-in via the internal or online booking process. We want to make sure you’re always fully compliant, so we sorted it.

Consumer API update 

We’ve made some updates to our API so our partners and integrations can track GPDR-relation information to keep their marketing records compliant. If you don’t know what an API is, you probably don’t need to, so you can gloss over this part.

restaurant deposits

We’ve updated how the portal Privacy Policies work

Like everyone from that dentist you once visited, to your Grandma (who gets confused by the internet), we too have done some updates to Privacy Policies. Now, if they’re configured in a venue’s diary, our portal will pull through each restaurant’s customised policy.


Updates to marketing preferences page

Previously, if a venue in a group was no longer enabled (because it had closed/stopped taking bookings etc), and the customer had booked into that venue in the past, AND they were updating their marketing preferences, the marketing preferences page was still displaying the disabled venue. It was a little confusing (like writing that last sentence), so we’ve updated it.

restaurant reservation system

We’ve hidden the concierge opt-in

In compliance with the GDPR, third parties (including concierges) shouldn’t be able to opt customers into marketing. So we took the option away. Also, we’ve done some tweaks to make sure this won’t change guests’ previous marketing preferences.

Guest Pre-Order update 

We’ve made an update to Pre-Orders so that the postcode and country fields are optional. Your feedback was that they were not essential, and were just extending the pre-ordering process, and no one needs any obstacles to choosing their chicken or beef.