Release 11.16: new widgets

We’re introducing two new widgets in this release; an events widget, and a marketing opt-in widget. Read on to find out what they’ll do.

Release 11.16 will be available in your diaries from 25/07/2018

Events widget


Previously, if you were using ResDiary Function Enquiries, your customer bookings were made on the function widget on your ResDiary microsite. Customer journey is important to you, so we’ve released a customisable widget that can be embedded on your own site. Design it however you like, adding creative colours, your own logo, and resizing to your preferences.

We’re publicly calling it the “Events Widget” but we love it so much, we’ve unofficially named it the “Party Widget.”



View it on our test site

Marketing opt-in widget


In this post-GDPR world, finding ways to grow your email database is key. Which is why we’ve launched a super-shiny, all-singing and dancing marketing widget. Like your other widgets, it can be customised to your preferences, meaning you can embed it nicely into your site. It takes your customer details in a GDPR-compliant manner and feeds them directly into your ResDiary marketing suite.

Then, you can use these details to send emails or SMS to your lovely customers.



View it on our test site