Release 11.17


You’ll soon be seeing a few additions and improvements in your diary (if you haven’t already). We’ve added improvements to our payment options, widget updates, and some fixes to internal diary features. There’s even some phantom table updates for those not afraid of change.

Release 11.17 will be available in your diaries from 07:00 UK time 07/08/2018.



New widget updateDid you see our last update on our new widgets? If not, you’re missing out, so check them out here. They’re pretty great, but we had a little bit of bother with the marketing one. If a venue didn’t take SMS marketing, it was still letting customers sign up to SMS marketing. Not ideal. Fear not, we’ve changed it.


Three month widget updateSome of you are just jealousy-inducingly busy and need a widget that lets customers see availability in a three month window. However, this view was having trouble displaying availability past those three months, and was occasionally freezing. We’ve thawed things out and that’s no longer a problem.



Improvements  to Customer Spend Report: Previously, walk-in spends were not being reported in the Customer Spend Report. Walk-ins are people too, guys, so we’ve made sure they’re included.


Improvements  to the Customer Not Present Landing Page: You may need to bear with us on this explanation…So, say a customer is sent an email asking for their card or payment details to complete their booking. And you email them an hour before their booking will be cancelled reminding them to fill in their details. If the booking was made last-minute, and they attended it within that time, they’d still get an email reminding them about their payment details. (Almost as confusing as that previous paragraph.) So we’ve stopped that email being sent if it comes after their booking.


Addition of Macanese Pataca: Slightly easier; we’ve added the ability to process the Macau currency type, Macanese pataca.

The internal diary


Updates to diary rules: Previously, the diary was showing the use of a phantom table as a broken rule and turning the time amber in the booking process. Many of you use phantom tables as part of your usual operations, so it’s not a broken rule. We’ve fixed it. We can’t do anything about your phantom chef issue though, sadly.


Walk-in improvements: Sometimes, you want to squeeze a walk-in into a shorter time than you’d give a normal booking. (Chancers…) However, recently the diary had been throwing up an error message if you tried to do this, leaving you unable to seat them. We’ve done some techie stuff and it doesn’t do that anymore.

restaurant website design



Pre-Order improvements: Some of you had been having an issue where if a customer needed to input card details to complete their booking, they were being sent two pre-orders. Quite honestly, gathering one pre-order is enough work so that no longer happens.


Booking Modification email fix: We’ve updated our Booking Modification Email so that it now displays the correct booking date and time. Before, it was showing the date and time of the original booking.