Release 11.18


Remember GDPR? That thing everyone had a big panic about in May then promptly forgot about? Don’t worry. You might have moved on but we’re still working hard to deliver the tools to help you be compliant. This release improves the functionality of existing GDPR compliance features, with small updates to Pre-Orders, cuisine types, and how bookings are searched.

Release 11.18 will be available in your diaries from 07:00 BST 20/08/2018

New cuisine types 

If your diners are anything like us, when they decide what they want to eat, nothing will change their mind. We’ve added new cuisine types: tasting menu, vegetarian friendly, and vegan friendly making it simpler to search for these types of meals. Tagging your restaurant appropriately makes it easier for interested parties to find and book your restaurant. Everyone’s a winner!

GDPR: Improvements to user recording in ResDiary Plus

For GDPR purposes, it’s important to have an audit trail of changes to marketing preferences. Previously, when customer marketing preferences were updated using the ResDiary Plus iPad app, we were not recording who was updating the record properly. We are now.

GDPR: Marketing Preferences updates 

We’ve updated the marketing preferences page. It’s now easier for diners to opt-in to both group and venue marketing at the same time, and to opt-out of all marketing. (Here’s hoping you’re interesting enough that they don’t…..)

Previously, if a customer was making a booking that required them to also make a payment via a secure landing page, the marketing preferences email was sent twice. Double emails are a great way for them to prefer not to hear from you, so we’ve stopped that happening.

Before this release, SMS marketing was behaving a little oddly. If a diner only opted in to SMS and not email, it wasn’t recording that they’d opted in at all. That’s been updated

GDPR: Data API updates

When businesses were using the Data Extract API to pull information from ResDiary about customer marketing changes, they previously couldn’t pull a report with just changes for specific dates. We’ve updated that.

We’ve added more fields like what date and time guests opted into marketing, to ensure you’re GDPR compliant. (If you’re reading these and going “whaaaat?!” the chances are you don’t need or use the Data extract API so you can relax.)

Pre-Order email improvements 

Previously, when a diner made a booking that required a pre-order, then added another guest, but opted not to send them an email notification, the guest was still getting an email. Sometimes you don’t want Susan from Accounts to have access to the Christmas party pre-order, so we’ve stopped that from happening.

Restaurant marketing agents can now create a marketing list

Restaurant marketing agents can now create a marketing list in ResDiary based on the guests who have opted into group marketing or provider level marketing. This means they can now send them news and information for the relevant types.