Release 11.19 


Just a little one this week folks. We’ve added some important updates to make using Booking Extras easier, we’ve updated the marketing preferences email template, and made some changes to SMS marketing.

Release 11.19 will be available in your diaries from 05/09/2018. 


Updates to Booking Extras

Booking Extras used to be a little confusing. Extras are useful for adding to bookings, and can be linked to Categories (like Food or Drinks). However, if the Category was deleted and a booking was attached, an error message would be thrown up. We’ve fixed this, and now a warning message appears blocking you from deleting the Category. We’ve also done other improvements to scenarios where you delete or add booking categories and extras. We won’t get into it as you don’t have all day but you’ll now have a better user experience in this part of the diary.

Updates to marketing preferences email

Previously, the email link for customers to update their marketing preferences was only working with some email providers. It meant diners had to copy and paste the link into their browser. It’s 2018, and nobody has time for that, so the link is now clickable on all email systems.

Improvements to Privacy Policy on widgets

Prior to this release, the Privacy Policy wasn’t always available to view on our booking widgets. That was taking Privacy a bit far, so now, if a restaurant has uploaded a Privacy Policy, it’s viewable.

Updates to Terms and  Conditions

We’ve made some changes to the T&Cs in Settings so it’s clear that this is also where you can update your Privacy Policy.

Changes to SMS marketing test

If you were testing an SMS marketing message on the ResDiary platform, it used to pop up with a message saying it was an “invalid email address.” The message still sent, but it was a bit confusing, so we took it away.