Release 11.28: marketing updates, diary improvements, & festive cheer 


It’s been a few weeks since our last release and version 11.28 has been more hotly anticipated than the John Lewis advert. Sadly, there are no pianos or celebrities here unless you call Ian, the lead developer on this release, a celebrity. And we do. However, there are bug fixes, some styling improvements, and much more. (Side note: if you want a laugh, check out civilian John Lewis who spends his Decembers replying to mistaken identity tweets about kitchen appliances…)


It will be available in your diaries from 7am GMT on 27/11/18.


  • Updates to Marketing Preferences page: We’ve ensured that customers who haven’t confirmed their opt-in prior to GDPR are not marked as opted out. This means that if you chose to send mailers to “soft opt-ins” they can still update their preferences in a GDPR compliant manner.
  • Improvements to Marketing List filters: if Fred booked in at group Venue One years ago, then group Venue Two last month, he would have previously appeared on Venue One’s Marketing List as having visited last month. We know, you’ve probably had too much mulled wine for this to make much sense. In short: it’s fixed and Fred is always exactly where he needs to be, at least in Marketing List terms.


  • Daily Summary Report updates: this report wasn’t showing closed bookings, making figures a little skewed. That’s been updated.
  • Bookings Report upgrades: the column named “Comments” should really have been called “Booking Notes”. So we’ve changed it.
  • Feedback Summary improvements: the Daily Feedback Summary used to display the date that the customer had reviewed the restaurant, when it makes much more sense to see the date they visited the restaurant. We’ve changed that.

The Diary

  • Timeslot closeouts improvements: some daylight savings changes affected the date and time that was recorded when a close out was added so, we’ve fixed this.
  •  Print Preview updated: this action has been changed to no longer show two print previews. Ain’t nobody had time for that.
  • Walk-ins in hotel diaries fix: if a diary was set up as a “hotel” and you made a walk-in with the guest’s room number, that room number would be attached to the next walk-in you made too. Mr Smith doesn’t want everyone’s dinner on his tab (Scrooge) so we’ve updated it.
  • Diary date behaviour upgrades: now, if you move between different pages on the diary or change over diaries in the group, the system will stay on the date you had previously selected. So it’s much easier to check if you have room anywhere for that Black Friday booking of 23 (*rolls eyes*).


  • Previously, the fixed size and three month widget used to show “0” rather than “choose an area” if the customer needed to pick an area. This was confusing. We’ve updated it.