Release 11.29: updates to widgets, Pre-Orders, & more 


Two releases in two weeks? Just call us Santa. It’s a busy time of year for everyone so this is just a small one, updating some booking edits, Pre-Orders, and widget stuff, and making logo and marketing updates.

It will be available on your diary from 07:00 GMT 04/12/18.

Marketing improvements


Bear with us here….the Marketing Settings page for diners was only displaying currently available marketing options. This meant that if Fred Smith opted into group level marketing two years ago, and you later removed group level marketing, there was no option for him to opt out of it. This was not helpful to poor Fred, so we’ve updated it. 

Editing bookings


Previously, if you allowed the online editing of bookings, some customers who booked through a specific channel were able to see and book other promotions in the channel. That’s not ideal, so we sorted it.

Logo updates


A couple of years ago we got a new logo and updated it everywhere we could. But logos are like pieces of spilled rice: you find them for ages afterwards, no matter how great your Hoover is. (We did just liken our Design Team to a Hoover, yes.) So, we’ve updated a couple of old versions that were lurking around on the review pages.

Widget V2 capping children to four


Our fancy new widget took a dislike to gangs of children and refused to let customers book more than four kids in. We know that for some restaurant managers this was the dream, however we’ve fixed it. Sorry.

Portuguese cuisine type added


Exactly as it says. Portuguese has been added to our cuisine types on Sorry for the tardiness Portugal.

Pre-Order updates


Previously, if you were viewing a booking from the Pre-Orders section and wanted to return to the diary, it would jump back to the current day’s date instead of the booking date. We’ve updated it.