Release 11.7

Life isn’t all bells and whistles and breakthrough moments. After the excitement of all the payment improvements in release 11.6, this one is a bit more focused on the nuts and bolts of ResDiary. Keeping what’s under the hood running smoothly. Oiling the engine. You get it. Release 11.7 is all about updating some features, doing improvements to others, and the occasional bug fix.

The release will go out in two parts between 7am GMT 23/4/18, to 7am GMT 24/4/18.

Customer & booking info

Improvements to customer information updates
People make mistakes all the time, but it’s not something we want to happen to customer details. Now, if a guest has previously dined with you, their customer information will become read-only during the booking process to stop any little errors. You’ll still be able to make changes if you need to though, as we’ve added an edit button in the top right-hand corner.

New fields in booking history
Booking history will now show changes to meal status and booking codes.

The main app

Improvements to “Top Away”
When you minimise the top menu of the diary, you’ll now have a lot more features available. More features, less space. Efficient.

Carry over table plans
Our Hospitality Consultants are all pretty excited about this, and you should be too. When you add a new segment, you’ll be able to copy the table plan from another segment, saving you creating lots of new ones. (Or persuading the ResDiary team to do it for you.)

Improvements to login pages
Previously, if you were locked out due to too many incorrect password attempts, the diary didn’t explain this too well. (Developers work in code, not so much in words.) We’ve changed it to make it a bit clearer. There’s also a prompt to hit the “can’t log in” button if you really can’t remember it. Helpful.

Improvement to reports
The Promotions and Menus reports used to be a little wonky in alignment. We’re big fans of having things ship-shape so we straightened them up.

Fix for average durations
Previously, you couldn’t vary the average duration for a certain percentage of bookings if they included a promotion. That wasn’t how it was supposed to work so we did a bit of work and fixed it.

restaurant no shows

Widget tweaks

Improvements to colouring
Previously, the colouring of the input box on the group widget would make some text/icons invisible, and the “Accept” button on the terms and conditions wasn’t always the shade you’d picked in configuration. Those issues are no more.

Fix for availability across segments
So, before this release, if you had a widget theme that allowed your customers to choose their areas, and a segment set up that ended mid-month, (bear with us) your widget would show no availability for the rest of that month. Basically, the diary got confused and wasn’t showing the right availability. We’ve fixed it so that doesn’t happen any more, and also added a feature to let your customers know what areas are unavailable. Great for letting Ronnie the Regular know his favourite area is booked out for a function.

Payments tune-up

Improvements to Stripe test mode
We’ve added a warning message on the payments page that lets you know when Stripe is in test mode. Clears up any confusion.

Improvements to customer-not-present payment page
If a customer doesn’t add their payment details to the customer-not-present payment page in the right amount of time, their booking is cancelled. Makes sense right? But previously, that link wasn’t being deactivated and guests could still happily pop in their details, not realising their booking was already gone. That doesn’t happen anymore and the link stops working when the booking is cancelled.

Notifications update

Improvements to email notifications
We’re a pretty global bunch now eh? That’s why we’ve created a new token for email templates that formats the time and date of a booking to the language format of the venue. We’ve called it {localised_date}.