Release 11.8: GDPR

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is coming into force pretty soon and we’re sure you’ve been doing lots to prepare for it. At ResDiary, we’ve been working non-stop making sure that all your data, and your customer’s data, complies with all these big changes. Release 11.8 improves on the last GDPR release and slips in extra features that you’re going to need after May 25th.

Release 11.8 will be available from 7am 9.5.18 BST.

restaurant no shows

Widget opt-ins

We’ve added in some improvements to the widget opt-ins to ensure that they’re meeting all the standards they need to. These include:

  • Removing the option to opt-in to ResDiary marketing on the fixed size widget.
  • Fixing a small bug where the SMS opt-in was occasionally showing when it was actually turned off by the venue.

Customer privacy settings

Over the course of GDPR prep, we’ve been constantly surprised by the varied customer-base using ResDiary. (Seriously, everything from ten seater restaurants in Lancashire to thousand pax chain venues in Dubai!) Because of that, everyone needs a level of flexibility in their marketing opt-in options. That’s why we’ve added more so venues can choose what opt-ins they need:

  • Venue level marketing opt-in
  • Group level marketing opt-in
  • Both of the above
  • No marketing opt-ins

Function enquiries update

We’ve updated the way that our function enquiries feature captures data to be inline with the rest of the diary (and compliant with the GDPR, obviously). They now record details like when the data was captured and how, so it’s all ship-shape and in-keeping with the regulations.

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Pre-orders data

We’ve updated our pre-order forms to ensure that the details being gathered are correct for GDPR compliance. Again they capture details like when and how data was captured so they’re GDPR compliant, and you get no data slip-ups along with the sticky toffee pudding.

restaurant reservation system

Internal booking opt-in

No one likes clicking about trying to find things. That’s why we’ve improved the user experience when taking bookings via the internal diary. All the information that you need when taking a reservation is included in one handy place: both the boxes that need to be ticked for consent, and the little script staff need to say to diners to properly gain their consent.

restaurant reservation system

Bulk opt-in email

We’ve added a temporary feature, allowing you to send a bulk opt-in email to your database.  This will allow you to create and send an email, asking people on your database if they want to continue receiving your marketing communications.

In the promote dashboard, diaries now have a Create GDPR Compliance Email option. In here there is a template which can be used as is, or has the ability to be tailored.  When the email is scheduled to run, it will be sent to all unique email addresses where:

There is no customer with that email address that is opted out
There is no customer with that email addresses that is already opted in in a GDPR-compliant manner.

This feature will disappear after the GDPR comes into force on the 25th May, as sending these emails will no longer be allowed. Feel free to send it a couple of times to ensure people see it. Anyone who opts in during send one, won’t be sent it again. Clever.