Release 11.9.1: additions

Release 11.9.1 is an addition to Release 11.9, rounding off some features for the incoming GDPR regulations . These are all related to opt-ins and how our widgets display Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

These changes will be available in your diary from 7am BST 22.5.18

restaurant no-shows

Unsubscribe functionality update

We’ve updated the unsubscribe functionality on all your ResDiary marketing emails to take diners to the new marketing preferences page. This means they can confirm if they’d like to be opted out of all emails, just group emails, or just single venue’s emails. To enable it, just ensure you enter the {UNSUBSCRIBE_URL} token in your mailers. (Or contact the support team if you’re struggling.)

We’ve also made an improvement to the marketing list, ensuring that if profiles are somehow duplicated and one is unsubscribed, the guest won’t receive any marketing emails.

Adding Privacy Policy to widgets

Previously, most of the ResDiary widgets only allowed the venue’s Terms & Conditions to be displayed to people making a reservation, or buying a voucher.

We’ve updated it so all widgets can display both Terms & Conditions, and a Privacy Policy, inline with GDPR requirements. You can add your Privacy Policy text to your widget in the Terms & Conditions section in the Settings area of your diary.

See our other GDPR-related functionality