Release 11.9

You voracious release notes readers will be glad to know that we’re keeping this one short and sweet. We’ve done some improvements to the widget and added some more functionality related to the GDPR. No need to grab a cup of tea and settle down for this one, we won’t keep you long.

These updates will be available in your ResDiary on 17/05/2018 from 7am BST. 

Improvements to the three month widget

Previously, if a restaurant was using the three-month widget view, the full range of dates weren’t always available to book. (When some should have been.) Now, all three months are view-able, and bookable.

Customer history GDPR addition

Due to the upcoming GDPR regulations (any stragglers who are not sure what we’re talking about, check it out here), data controllers need the ability to see all updates to a customer’s opt-in options. This is so they can make sure the profile has been correctly updated, and how long the customer has been opted in for. You can now see what changes have been made, who made the changes, and when they were made in the customer history. There will even be a quick-view “last updated” label.

Told you it was a quick one. If you have any GDPR-related questions, do check out our GDPR resources for more information.