Release 12.1: widget, deposit, & diary improvements


Hello ResDiary users! What with Christmas, New Year, and a whole lot of behind the scenes work happening, it feels like a while since our last release. But we’re back! Read on to find out the exciting things our team have been preparing between eating, drinking, and making keep-fit resolutions.

(If you’re an ResDiary Plus user, please also update your iPad to the latest version now. You can download version 4.7.1 here.)


Release 12.1 is available on your diaries now. 


  • Mini widget: this little guy wasn’t showing errors on uncompleted fields, just highlighting them red. It meant that customers couldn’t complete the booking if they hadn’t put in all their info in, but weren’t explicitly told why. We’ve updated that.
  • Widget configurator: previously, line breaks you had entered in promotion descriptions weren’t showing up in the promotion description box on the widget configurator. It meant that these descriptions were one big paragraph and it could get confusing. That’s been improved.
  • Widget translations: we’ve done some work on the widget to ensure that the name and promotion descriptions are translated properly, like the rest of the tech. Prego.

The Diary

  • Online close-outs: if you had online close-outs set up in your diary, General Users couldn’t make bookings on those times. It meant that Part-Time-Peter was having to hunt down a manager to make a booking. That was time consuming for everyone so we stopped it from happening.
  • Table area editing: sometimes we all like to change things up and move the furniture around. (Well, it is the time of year for it. #NewYearNewFengShui.) Previously, if you moved a table from one area to another in your diary, it wasn’t updating this information on any future bookings. The booking looked like it was in the right place, but it wasn’t being recorded properly for reporting, or for total covers in specific areas. If you’re one of the people who spotted this, you’ll be pleased to know it’s been fixed.
  • Manual deposits and emails: we’ve updated the diary so that when a manual deposit is processed, the customer receives a confirmation email as normal. (For a while, it wasn’t sending.)
  • Pre-Order changes: imagine you were in the middle of taking a booking that required a Pre-Order, then half way through making it, something changed that meant it didn’t need a Pre-Order. (The number of guests or time were edited for example.) Previously, the diary came over all stubborn and wouldn’t let you get rid of the Pre-Order. To save you throwing your computer through a window, we’ve fixed this.