Release 12.10


Easter has passed and we’re getting ready for summer with some updates, fixes, and a bit of a makeover for Pre-Orders. While we can’t guarantee sunshine, we hope we’re bringing a bit of cheer with version 12.10.


This release will be available in your diaries from 8am on 29.04.19.

The ResDiary portal

Portal user verification changes

Previously, if a user had been sent a verification email but not actually verified their email address within 24 hours, the process of making a booking could get a bit confusing. Now:

  • First time visitors to are directed to a new page to sign up (no change.)
  • Returning users with a verified email proceed (no change).
  • Unverified users are prompted to verify their email and an email is sent to allow them to do so. When they complete the verification process, they’re brought back to the original page with their date and time still selected. Nice and simple.

Updates to the user verification email

We’ve updated the user verification page to allow users to trigger another verification email if the original expires. Previously, if a diner took over 24 hours to verify their email, the link would deactivate and we’d need to get involved.


Pre-Order Guest Form 

You should see the glow-up that this page has been given! We’re like the software version of Grand Designs. It’s had a complete redesign, making it more mobile-friendly, adding better explanations of what guests need to do, and just a general makeover. Twit twoo.

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