Release 12.11: portal & Pre-Order updates, notifications improvements, and more 


What a month! Our development team have really had their noses to the grindstone on version 12.11 fixing stuff on the ResDiary portal, updating Pre-Orders, sorting out notifications, and improving widgets. While they take a much needed nap, check out our release notes for 12.11.


Available in your diaries from 7am BST on 16.05.19

Portal changes

  • Cuisine types added: we’ve added a couple of new cuisine types so it’s easier for your lovely customers to find you on These include carvery, Burmese, and New York Grill. Yum.

Internal diary

  • Date consistency improvements: we’ve done some work to improve the consistency of dates in the diary when a page is refreshed. So now, for example, if you move between different diaries, they stay on the same date. Central booking staff: you’re welcome.
  • Confirm the deletion of segments: we’ve added a prompt to confirm the deletion of a segment. ‘Cos there’s nothing worse than realising you’ve totally messed up and you can’t go back. (We wish this feature existed in real life.)
  • Improvements to Pre-Order sending: it’s a bit silly to set a cut-off time for pre-orders then keep sending the email request anyway after the time is up. But that’s what ResDiary was doing before. (Sorry!) Don’t worry though, it’s been updated.
  • Additional fields for Customer List Report: we’ve added all the GDPR-related info on customer opt-in preferences to the Customer List Report and added useful columns like How Did You Hear, customer type, and more.
  • Preventing the payment date being changed: previously, users were allowed to change the date of a payment made in the diary. Now the payment can only be recorded as taken on the day it was processed.
  • Norway Arrival Time changes: When editing bookings in Norwegian diaries, they no longer revert back to the earliest available booking time. Værsågod.


  • Removed the SMS character limit: previously, you could only send messages up to 160 characters in length from ResDiary. Now, it’s unlimited, we just remind you that you’ll be charged for each multiple of 160 characters you use.
  • Adding guest name to the SMS notification report: as simple as it sounds: we’ve added the guest’s name to the SMS notification report.
  • Edit/Cancel token shortened for SMS: we’ve made the URL link to edit/cancel a booking nice and shortfor SMS. No more long links. 


  • Fixing jQuery issue on widgets: bear with us… We’ve improved the initialisation of widgets by ensuring that sites with jQuery included but without jQuery UI can’t use the widget with the “include jQuery” toggle off. Honestly, we’re not entirely sure what that combination of words means, but if you’re the kind of person who needs to know this, we’ve been assured you’ll understand. (We thought jQuery was a 90’s rapper…)
  • Updated alignment for widget configurator: with this update, the new widget configurator no longer misaligns fields when a customer-facing error message is thrown up.
  • Making Title Field not required: before this release, if you made Title Field available on the widget, it automatically became required too. This was leading to some questionable Drs and Sirs so we’ve changed it to make it optional.

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