Release 12.27


After loads of great feedback on our new booking and cancellations report, we’ve been making it beta than ever…


This release will be available in your diaries from 06/11/19.

Booking and cancellation reports

  • Customer spend: we’ve added a new customer spend filter so you can see if Mr and Mrs Smith are spending the big bucks or sticking to the tap water.
  • Grouping by days of the week: do you ever wonder what day is your busiest for bookings? Maybe it’s steak night Thursdays, or Sundays for your amazing, hangover-curing brunches? With grouping by days of the week, you can now find out! 
  • Card detail storage: a  new column has been added, showing whether credit card details have been stored, or if the neighbouring office’s receptionist has paid that Christmas party deposit. It’s been months now, Moira…
  • Cover limit columns: if your evenings’ flow keeps getting spoiled by newbies accepting bookings at times they shouldn’t (firstly, sort out your user permissions), our new column showing when cover limits are broken will help you out.
  • Cancellation lead time: cancellations are the worst. It’s even more annoying when they’re last minute. We’ve included the lead time in the cancellations report so you can see just how much notice you’re getting on them.

Exportable reports

Uncork the champers, exporting reports will be available this week. 

Incomplete bookings are (pretty) complete

Previously located in the Dashboard, we now have a dedicated incomplete bookings report. Improvements include information on whether the card details request was abandoned or if requests to the customer expired.
NB: this is in beta for the moment.