Release 12.5: portals

This release we’re talking about portals. No, not sci-fi portals transporting you to another dimension, booking portals! (Sorry. We know aliens are much more exciting.) We’ve made some changes to the ResDiary diners’ portal, simplifying the booking process, making it harder for diners to no-show, and generally improving the user experience.

Release 12.5 will be available from 7am GMT on 06/03/2019.

General portal improvements

Improvements to Portal Search

We’ve made some improvements to the Search function on the diner portal, making it easier for diners to find the tables they want, when they want them. We’ll be moving the default search time to 19.30, and increasing the amount of alternative times displayed if the users’ chosen one isn’t available. If there are no matching results, the text shown has also been updated to encourage diners to search again for a different time . New text will also encourage them to try a different date if there are no matching results.

Update the Cancel button

The Cancel button has been moved so it’s easier to find, and we’ve changed how it looks so it’s easier to see. This button will only appear if you allow cancellations and should help customers process them more easily, cutting down on those pesky no-shows.

Redesign Cancel/Confirm page

The Cancel/Confirm page has been improved so it’s more mobile-friendly and easier to read, and we’ve added your restaurant image to make it more personal.

Portal sign-up

We’re introducing a sign-up process in order to make bookings on the portal. It means anyone who books will be a verified human (no fake email addresses, bots, or ETs), returning diners will be able to make bookings more quickly, check on their upcoming bookings, and will make reservations simpler all round.

Easy sign up

There used to be an optional sign-in process previously and registered diners loved the fact all their reservation details were in the same place. All we’ve done here is make it easier to proceed through a booking if you’ve already signed up with an email address or Facebook account. Simple.

Making passwords clearer

We’ve improved the way that diners create passwords, making it clearer what the requirements are and highlighting any issues with their entry.

Tying bookings & account creation together

Now, instead of making a booking then creating an account, diners can use their booking details to create an account at the same time. It’s the future!

Email verification

We’ve updated the verification process so that diners can now re-send their email verification to confirm their account.