Release 13.1: Walk-in and Table Plan improvements

It’s our first Release Notes of the decade and we’re kicking it all off with some updates to our Walk-in process and Table Plan View. 


Available in your diaries from 7am GMT on 22nd January 2020. 

Walk-in changes 

  • Advance booking link: we’ve added a link to the full Advance Booking process in the Walk-in window. This means you can create both types of booking by tapping on a table in the Table Plan View or hitting the Walk-in button. It makes things simpler for you and your team and second counts in a busy shift!
  • Temporary table joins: a temporary table join button has been added to the Walk-in process. Perfect if you’re a maverick manager joining unconventional tables on the fly, it lets you create combinations that only apply to this one walk-in.

Table plan improvements 

  • Display next bookings: we’ve added a new clock icon to the control panel on the Table Plan View. If you activate this icon, it will show you the next three reservations on this table. Perfecting for “clocking” what tables are coming in next and ensuring you’re on top of your bookings.