Release 13.20: Updates to ResDiary’s Online Voucher System

We’ve made some changes to our vouchers module to make it even easier to use when it comes to selling online vouchers for your venue.

Available in your diaries from 13.30hrs GMT on 09/06/2020. 

New settings to make things easier

  • You have always been able to set up postage details with our vouchers, but you can also specify whether a postage method requries physical delivery or not.
  • We’ve all done it… deleted that all important email confirmation with our voucher details. No need to panic any longer, as we have added the option to resend a confirmation email to the purchaser, recipient, or both!
  • There is nothing worse than getting to the end of a set up process, only to realise you have missed a step, and that you need to go back to retrace your steps. Luckily for you our team have set up a helpful checklist that shows the current progress of the vouchers setup, meaning you will never miss a step again. You are welcome.

User friendly updates to the widget

  • Now It takes even less time to complete buying a voucher. We have removed the billing address field. Instead of typing a full address out. all the purchaser needs to do is leave their name and email address as the billing details.
  • It’s time to get personal, not only will the voucher widget gather the recipient’s name and email address, it will also let you leave a personal message for the lucky recipient. Just remember to make it nice.
  • At ResDiary we always say “The devil is in the details”, that’s why we have improved the information displayed on the confirmation page. Now it will display a clear breakdown of what has been purchased. This could even be kept as a screen shot, (or printed off if old school!) and used a receipt/proof of purchase.
  • Choose if you want to send the voucher confirmation to both the purchaser, and recipient,if required. It is as simple as ticking a box.

Sell vouchers on

  • If your venue is selling vouchers, you can enable them to display and be sold via The option to buy vouchers will show on your venue’s microsite page, and in the search listings.