Release 13.2: Reports and Dashboard update

New year, new Dashboard! As you’ll probably have noticed, our full Reporting Suite has been completely redone, with a fresh look, lots more functionality, and an easier interface. Even more exciting, we’ve also overhauled our Reports Dashboard to give you more information at the blink of an eye. Doesn’t it look dash-ing!?


Available in your diaries from 7am GMT on 29/01/2020. 

The Dashboard

Filters and views: it’s now easier to filter your reservations, seeing a single day, week, or year’s overview. You can also break down the number of each day’s booking into hours,  months’ bookings into days, and years’ bookings into months. 

Choose your chart: nothing can beat a good pie. But sometimes you just need a bar chart. Depending on the information you’re looking for (like tracking your booking levels Vs comparing multiple booking sources), you can now pick the type of chart you need. Yum. 

Saving images: need to create some beautiful reports? All our lovely graphs and charts can now be saved as images and copied into reports. Or take them to the next managers’ meeting and impress your boss.

Comparison tool: this new feature allows you to compare venues, dates, booking channels, days, weeks, and years to really dig into how things are going in your business. 

(We’ve also updated how the whole Dashboard looks to tie in with all our new features!)

Pre-Order improvements

Pre-Order delivery: previously, pre-orders were re-sent to diners when a booking was edited, even if edits didn’t affect the pre-order status. We’ve fixed it.

Pre-Order editing: on the flip side, if your diner’s booking is changed from standard to a tasting menu, it’s likely they’ll need a different pre-order. Previously, this wasn’t automatically triggering, so we’ve changed it.

Pre-Order changes: removing an item on a completed pre-order now allows another item to be added on. (Previously, once the pre-order was filled, it was locked.) So if indecisive Denise changes her mind at the last minute, she’ll still get her dinner.