By Gary | Published on June 16th, 2017

Release Highlights 10.12

This release is a support fixes release containing a number of problem solving updates and improvements.

ResDiary v Design My Night

User Facing Changes

Google translate causing issues with notification templates

Google Chrome’s translate page functionality was causing an error on ResDiary’s notification templates page. We’ve updated our page settings so that Chrome shouldn’t try to translate the content of the notification templates anymore.

Bookings cancelled by user not appearing in weekly summary

It came to our attention that  a booking cancelled from a diner’s confirmation email would not to appear in the Dashboard “Weekly Summary” graph. We have improved this process and now all the information you need will appear in the Weekly Summary.

Widget Configurator Improvements

We’ve updated the widget configurator so that the credit card details page now includes a back button. This means that customers can now go back and change their booking details before submitting their card details.

Admin / Reseller Facing Changes

Competitor import will bump Wait bookings unless they include a table

The competitor import was unallocating standby list bookings if they didn’t have a valid table. We’ve now updated it to create the standby list booking when no table is specified.

403 error message displaying  for admins/resellers when accessing pages after logging into restaurants that don’t have access

We had an issue where the permissions for admins, resellers and booking agents was being cached incorrectly.  This would cause a scenario where a reseller would login to one restaurant and then another, but be unable to access pages that the second restaurant had access to but the first restaurant did not. This has been updated and now caches correctly.

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Technical Changes

Consumer API deposit amounts displaying too many decimal places

The way we were transmitting deposit amounts over the API was sometimes causing the deposit values to be returned incorrectly. For example, a deposit of 268.40 per person would display a total deposit of 1073.599997 instead of 1073.60 when making a booking with a party size of 4. This has now been resolved to the correct number of decimal places.

Deposit Report not including “Restaurant Name” upon export to CSV

We have now added the restaurant name and channel to the CSV export of the Deposit report.

Consumer API sending confirmations for unconfirmed bookings

We had became aware of a problem with the Confirm Booking Consumer API call which made it possible to accidentally send a confirmation email to guests even though their booking was not confirmed, by making two requests to Confirm Booking in a row. This was only an issue where a credit card was required. Bookings where a payment was required were unaffected.