ResDiary 10.25 release highlights

It’s a new year and we’re getting off to a fresh start with a bit of a clean up. This release contains feature improvements and fixes for some issues. There is one exciting, shiny, new thing though…..

Group widget geolocation:

For businesses with multiple venues using the group widget, customers will now be able to search by their nearest restaurant. No more driving for days for a burger.

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Improvement in running order security

There was a potential security issue with the diary’s running order which we spotted and sorted.

Improvement to Audit Report

Previously in the Audit Report, the date of changes made were shown in a complicated code. It’s now been simplified and appears as you’d expect….in a date format.

Fix for the RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) report

When pulling a RFM report and importing to a marketing list, not all customers were being added to that list. We fixed it.

Fix for missing running orders

If a future service didn’t exist, (eg.: the segment had been deleted) the running order for that service would disappear. It always shows now.


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Improvements on promotion page of the widgets

When creating a widget fixed to a single promotion, customers previously needed to select that promotion before continuing . This was a bit unnecessary. Now the promotion is pre-selected and by clicking ‘Next’ they just continue to complete their booking.

Fix for leave time on widget V2:

Diners making bookings on the widget V2 were being shown a leave time before picking their time or promotion. That’s fixed.

Fix for fixed-sized widget leave time

Previously, the leave-time wouldn’t always display if a venue was using the fixed-size widget. We’re on it. It’s sorted.

Fix for unconfirmed leave time

In the past, the leave time wasn’t showing on some widgets. It meant the customer couldn’t complete the booking and was left with a spinning icon. It was dizzyingly irritating so we repaired it.

Fix for widgets returning incorrect languages

If a request to the widget took longer than expected, customers would occasionally see the wrong language when it eventually moved to the next step. That bug is fixed. Merci.

Main diary app

Improvements to internal marketing opt-in

To be compliant with the incoming GDPR, internal bookings are now automatically opted out, inline with the online booking process.

Improvement to the Magic Search function

The Magic Search function now gives more accurate search results. Magical.

Fix for editing promotion variables

A bug existed which meant that if users were editing the duration on an existing promotion, it would revert to the original times when saved. That was confusing so we did some fancy stuff to sort it.

Fix for standby list telephone formatting

Previously, users inputting telephone numbers to the standby list on our Asia server would have 0s replaced with Ts. That’s fixed.

Fix when navigating to the mobile app

For iPhone users, it wasn’t possible to navigate to the mobile manager’s app from the main diary screen. You can now navigate with ease.

Fix for confirm/cancel token in emails

A past release caused an issue where the cancel button wasn’t appearing on emails for bookings taken internally. The person responsible has been put on coffee duty and someone else fixed it.

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Improvement to Stripe interface

A red box used to appear if a guest had entered the wrong details, or used the wrong format when inputting their payment details to the Stripe interface. People aren’t mind-readers so we’ve added some text explaining why it appears.