ResDiary 10.10 Release Highlights

The main theme of this release is making improvements to the new widget. Read on the discover a range of improvements to functionality on the widget and our API.

User Facing Changes

Customers unable to edit bookings when microsite name includes unicode characters

We’ve fixed a bug where customers were unable to edit their booking when the restaurant microsite name had accented characters in it.

Visit Time not being taken into account when creating booking with promotion

We’ve fixed a bug where the visit time was not always correctly being taken into account when calculating availability for portal bookings.

Client culture info being cached incorrectly for admin users

We’ve resolved a date-formatting problem for admin users. Previously, when logging in and out of restaurants with different cultures, dates were always being formatted as per the culture of the very first provider they logged in to.

Lock button / Table join button not showing in full

We’ve fixed a problem where the ‘lock to table’ and ‘table join’ buttons in the NBP were not always displayed at the correct size.

User Facing Changes Contd.

Walk-in bookings should take turn-time into account

Walk-in bookings for non standard duration now take turn-time into account to determine the duration.

Widget drop downs don’t set background colour on <ul> elements correctly

The background colour for drop downs in the new widget is now set correctly.

Leave time does not appear correctly when a fixed promotion is used

We’ve fixed a bug in the new widget that caused leave times to sometimes be displayed as ‘Your table is required to be returned by Invalid date.’

Remove Border When Clicking Buttons in Widget

Button formatting has been improved in the new widget.

User Facing Changes Contd.

Table closeouts are affecting internal availability

We have removed the error that was occuring where users with the right to override closeouts were not able to override individual table closeouts and instead received a “Future bookings exist on this table” error message.

Editing a booking via portal/consumer api removes booking notes

When customers edited their bookings in the portal any special requests (aka booking comments) added to the original booking were deleted. The function has been updated to stop this from happening any longer.

Widget Configurator: Include Widget Tracking Values in WidgetV2

User tracking via Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads can now be added to the new widget.


User Facing Changes Contd.

Widget: Consistent Date, Covers, time order across all types

The new widget now displays booking requirements (date, covers, time) in a consistent order.

Widget Configurator: Mini Widgets: Detect mobile and don’t use booking modal dialog

The new widget booking dialogue now scrolls properly on mobile devices.

Widget Configurator: T&C Screen: Adjust size of text box

We have improved the display formatting of the terms and conditions page in the new widget.

Widget Configurator: Date Picker: Space between dates

We have improved the formatting of the date picker in the new widget.

User Facing Changes Contd.

Widget Configurator: Change ‘Enter First Name’ etc to ‘First Name’

The contact details screen in the new widget has been simplified to remove duplicate text and labels.

Widget Configurator not taking leave time rules into account for promotions

The new widget now correctly takes into account leave time rules for a selected promotion.

Hide telephone number if not required

The customer telephone number field can now be hidden in the new widget.

User Facing Changed Contd.

The calendar opens the keyboard on an iPhone

Clicking on the calendar when creating a booking in the new widget on an iPhone no longer opens the keyboard.

Make booking summary link back to the initial page on the widget

The booking summary in the new widget now includes a link back to the start screen to allow customers to edit their requirements before finalising the booking.

Allow access to the Widget Configurator without accessing the diary

Users can now generate private links to themes in the new widget which they can then pass on to their web designers to allow them to design the widget without giving them access to their diary. The links automatically expire after 48 hours.

Online reservation system

Technical Changes

OAuthHttpHandler returning 500s for invalid requests

We’ve improved the handling of authorisation errors in the EPOS API so that the correct error status codes are returned.

IPAD – Bypass security policy for Walk In bookings

The Tablet API has been updated so that walk-in bookings no longer require a username and password to be supplied when restaurants have “Force username and password” set in their Security Policy settings page.

Required IPAD: Tablet API -Re-allocate Unallocated Bookings

The tablet API now automatically re-seats unallocated bookings when the provider has  “Try to seat unallocated bookings automatically” configured in their Diary Settings.

Add room number to booking object in the consumer API

The consumer API now accepts a “room number” value when creating or updating a booking.