By Gary | Published on July 10th, 2017

ResDiary 10.13 Release Highlights

This release contains improvements to the W8List seating process and the new widget, plus some styling improvements and bug fixes. There are also some technical updates designed to enhance our Stripe PCI compliance and the availability cache service performance.

User Facing Changes

Seat the customer at current time instead of the expected time

The W8List seating process has been improved to support a choice of either seating a booking at the current time or at the expected time (i.e. convert a W8List booking into a normal booking).

All choices of table will show in Seat Now 

The W8List seating process now allows all available tables to be seen via scrollers and is not limited to just 4 tables as was the case previously.

Allow ‘Default’ area when area selection enabled on the Widget Configurator

The Widget Configurator now includes an option to specify whether or not the areas drop down should include an option for ‘Any Area’.

Alert Update ‘You must select a promotion in order to continue making this booking’

Labels in the new widget have been updated to refer to ‘Options’ instead of ‘Promotions’ in order to be consistent with the previous Widget Configurator.


User Facing Changes Contd...

Update to Styling of Pages  

Following the success of our styling update to the Settings pages a few months ago, both the Promote and the Reports dashboard pages have had their styling updated to match . We hope this make them easier to navigate and provide a better UX.

Conversion tracking causing  widget bookings to “hang” with ad blockers

 The new widget was causing bookings to “hang” when Twitter or Google Ad-Words conversion tracking was in use and the user had an ad-blocker running. This has now been resolved.

Diary not loading when a table has its max covers set to 0

We’ve made some changes in the diary settings pages to prevent the maximum number of covers for a table being set to zero. Doing this had been  causing an error that prevented the diary from being displayed.

Customers unable to confirm their bookings via link in confirmation email

We’ve fixed a bug which was preventing users from being able to confirm their booking via a {CONFIRM_BOOKING_URL} token in the confirmation email template.

online security payments

Technical Changes

Update to latest Stripe API changes

Our Stripe integration has been updated to ensure that we remain fully PCI compliant.

Cache Availability Search Metrics

We’ve added some metrics into the Cache Availability Service which will enable us to identify any potential bottlenecks and thus improve performance.