By Gary | Published on August 7th, 2017

ResDiary 10.14.4 Release Highlights

This update consists of a number of changes related to the length and display of booking comments.

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It's all about the comments...

We have improved the UI/UX in various sections in the diary where comments can be added to a booking.

Say it with more than 1000 characters : The booking comments section allows more than 1000 chars, but was displaying less than  1000 characters. This has now been fixed.

Say it in Print : Previously any formatting was lost when saving, viewing or printing booking comments. This has now been fixed so that all your formatting is preserved.

Did someone mention Countdown? Stay calm we aren’t going to make you solve grammar and arithmetic challenges from 2pm everyday; BUT we have installed a countdown feature in the new booking process, widget and W8List .  This means that will always know how many characters you have left when typing a booking comment.