By Gary | Published on September 8th, 2017

ResDiary 10.17 Release Highlights

This release contains various fixes that have been reported via support requests, as well as a change to the admin Avios report to help finance bill restaurants correctly for their Avios.

User Facing Changes

Booking fails when promotion spans tables in an area that isn’t available

We have fixed an issue where that incorrectly prevented a booking from being made when using a cross-area join, or, ¬†where the promotion being booked wasn’t available in all areas in the join. Now, when the system says that a promotion is available; it’s available in any areas for the join.

Closeouts tooltip on diary flickers when at the bottom of the page

There was an error that appeared when the tooltip for a close-out on the diary could cause the diary screen to scroll up and down rapidly if the close-out was near the bottom of the screen. This has now been fixed.

Promotions Validity, Edit Icon, Tool Tip reads ‘Details’ should read ‘Edit’

We have amended the wording, within the tooltip, on the edit icon for promotion validity periods to say ‘Edit’ instead of ‘Details’.

Booking report error when booking code does not exist

The booking report could fail if a booking had a booking code that didn’t exist in the venue, for example if a booking was moved to a different restaurant in the group that didn’t have the same set of booking codes setup.

Allow to override table/join capacity permission not evaluated

The “Allow to override table/join capacity” permission was being ignored when creating a new booking meaning that staff without permission to book more covers onto a table than its capacity were able to do so.


User Facing Changes Contd...

Booking becomes lost if customer accepts table after being seated from W8LIST

Bookings were going missing if they were seated from the W8LIST, and then the customer replied to their table ready notification to say that they wanted the table.

Convert to booking should show all choices of tables. Only shows 4

We had to temporarily disable the ability to choose any table when converting to a booking from the W8LIST because of performance issues. We’ve now added this functionality back after fixing those problems.

Promotion price problems

We had some issues displaying the correct price for promotions on, the widget v2, and the internal booking process. We’ve now taken a look at all these places and fixed the problems.

Add option to skip promotions screen

The widget configurator now allows you to choose whether to skip the promotions screen when fixing the widget to a particular promotion. Previously it would always skip the screen, meaning that customers wouldn’t be able to see what promotion was being booked. booking defaults

We recently updated the portal booking screen to default the date, time and party size. Unfortunately, this could lead to situations where customers were unable to choose a different date because the default time was only available on the current date, or a subset of days. Because of this we’ve changed it back so that it no-longer defaults the selection.

API Changes

AvailableDays API call takes time of start and end dates into account

The AvailableDays API call ( was taking the time component of the startDate and endDate specified in the request into account. This meant that if someone specified an endDate of 2017-08-31, we would only return results up until 2017-08-30 because it implicitly sets the time of the endDate to “00:00:00”.

FindBookings API call does not return restaurant name

The Find Bookings API request ( wasn’t returning the restaurant name.

Internal Only Changes

Avios Reporting improvements

We’ve updated the Avios reports used by the finance team so that they should be able to reconcile against the invoices sent to us by Avios now. Previously we wouldn’t include restaurants where Avios had subsequently been disabled in the report, and we didn’t split the results down by membership type, which was a problem because Avios haven’t been sending invoices for BA Exec club members.