By Gary | Published on September 28th, 2017

ResDiary 10.19 release highlights

This release contains various fixes to existing functionality and a new feature to move restaurants that will be accessible to administrators.

ResDiary v Design My Night

Restaurant user facing changes

Allow custom fields to display a link

Custom fields can now be differentiated between ‘Text’ and ‘Url’. Thanks to this improvement, custom fields of the new type of ‘Url’ will be clickable through the booking process and the booking summary menu (spider menu).

I want to mark Custom Fields as important

Users can now choose to highlight one custom field. Highlighted custom fields will be displayed in the booking summary menu and will display an extra icon on bookings in both the grid and the running order views.

Unallocated bookings not being brought to front when expected arrivals minimised 

This improvement means that expected arrivals will now automatically be expanded if the “Expand Expected Arrivals When There Are Unallocated Bookings” setting is on and there are unallocated bookings.

Widget v2 allows users to choose disabled date on Android

The booking widget (Widget Configurator v2) has been enhanced to ensure that it no longer turns the background colour to white when users click on disabled days. This  means that it will no longer give users the impression that days were selected when they were not.

Restaurant user facing changes

ResDiary voucher booking history duplication

Our team has resolved an issue which prevented users from being able to create duplicate voucher redemptions through the booking process.

The booking Pre Order screen print view was cutting off menu items and comments at the bottom of the order

In previous builds, the Pre Order print screen was cutting off some information when the text overflowed across 2 pages. This has now been fixed and displays correctly.

Group Availability report has blank rows in large groups

The group availability report would show blank data for some restaurants in a large group. Following the release of version 10.19, this will no longer happen.

Updating booking exception days does not trigger a full cache rebuild

We have fixed the issue that users were experiencing with cache not being updated after they would change the restaurant’s booking exception periods. The cache now fully rebuilds.

API changes

We have now added the deposit amount to the FindBookings endpoint.