ResDiary 10.20 release highlights

This release includes improvements to reports and error fixes in a few parts of the system.

online booking widget


Sending feedback via a mobile device? No problem!

We’ve fixed the error a diner would receive when providing feedback from a mobile device. Now they can provide feedback from their devices without any problems.

The wrong leave time displaying on the Classic Widget

Some restaurant users had reported that the Classic Widget was displaying the wrong leave time to guests when booking a promotion with duration variables. This has been fixed.

Diners unable to edit bookings

It had been brought to our attention that diners were having issues editing their bookings via This error was caused if the diner had entered their email address differently to how it was entered in their original booking.

tokenization stripe https

Pre order and function enquiry improvements

Bookings that were confirmed via the Stripe landing page were creating duplicate pre-orders

Our team has fixed an error that would occur for any bookings which were confirmed using the Stripe payment landing page. This action was causing duplicate pre orders to be created when the booking used a promotion that required a pre order.

Table turn time displaying to users after their function enquiry had been accepted

The table turn time would be included in the duration of a function enquiry when it was accepted, making it visible to diners. This has now been resolved.



New report and export features

The customer report page has been redesigned

In the past, users had to continuously scroll through a list of results which led to errors when navigating large lists. Now the report is separated into numbered pages and the information can be viewed on a page by page basis.

The customer list export has also been improved

When doing a CSV export of the customer list, restaurant users can now include both the Membership ID and Customer ID of their diners in the export.