ResDiary 10.23 release highlights

This release contains important updates to our Widget v2. Now you can create a single widget that lets you book into any venue in your group.

New pages and new features

We’ve revamped the widget configuration page to be consistent with our Pre Order by ResDiary pages, making the transition between using these two features seamless.  You will now see the option to add more than one venue which can be booked via the widget.

Choose the venue you want on the widget

When you go to create a new theme, you will now be given the option of selecting “Standard” or “Group”.  Selecting a Standard theme is exactly the same as the current themes. If you select the group theme you will be given the option to choose the venues you want to enable for booking via the widget.

Include all the restaurants you want

When you begin creating a group theme, the widget will ask you what venues you want to include. Simpy select or deselect the appropriate choices from your list and create your theme.

The choice is yours

Once you have created your theme, the widget will give your customers the option to choose which of your venues they would like to book.

Et voila

Having chosen your venues, the rest of the widget will work exactly as it has done previously, except that the front page now shows the venue you have chosen. You will also see a brand new new button that will allow you to change your selected venues on the widget at any time.